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I don't post because it seems futile, but i have to say why, why, why, when he is instrumental in every victory and the 2nd best player after Roby, does Johny Lomax have a song? Come on boys and girls, 300 games FFS!
FREE PARKING AND £2 A PINT For saints supporters coaches at lock lane arlfc sports club, for next Sunday’s match at Castleford,
We have a large car park that can accommodate a few coaches, the cas ground is just a five minute walk away from our club.
The bar will be open from 11am and all ales will be £2 a pint before the game.
If your interested in joining us for a few 🍺🍺 next week, please contact lock lane sports Center on 01977 510200 to secure your parking space. Post code WF10 2JU.
Up the lane 👍👍
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