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Saints no Vegas, lack of ambition ?

I bet he'd still give a good account of himself on the pitch as a one off....tough as teak that guy, just couldn't shake those injuries late on in his career.
Seeing Scully pre match he's still pretty ripped and I too reckon he could still give a good account of himself on the pitch!
Catalans could have a yearly match in Barcelona against rotating teams.

Two teams go to Las Vegas.

Then have two, one day, Magic style double headers in big stadium on different weekends of the year. One in the heartlands, one a weekend away.

4 big events for the price of 1.

You can’t get people through the gate to watch one of the only games that matters all year in the Challenge Cup, they aren’t spending out on more events.
You saying we will be no better next season?
I'm saying, if we carry on like we are, we'll be swapping places with Leeds in a couple of years. If you can point me to a single fixture that says otherwise so far this season, I'm all ears.

That feeling hasn't been here since 2017.
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I get both sides of the argument on this.

It is a shame that we are not going, but Wigan seemingly have planted the seed and took the initiative to get involved and Warrington have wealthy backers and have the Sam Burgess pull that we do not have. Its simple optics as to why Warrington are going. I am not sure the Wigan/Saints derby is even a consideration for the NRL and the US target audience would not get why that is a thing.

The other issue is that Wigan want it to be competitive (so Cas were not asked) but they do not necessarily wish to give up a home fixture against us as it is likely going to be a huge crowd for them. Warrington therefore makes more sense for them.

Wigan will lose money on this so it is a gamble, but they have deep pockets now. Let them pay to see what happens and I am sure we will be there if there are legs in this.
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