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Mergers/ Going out of business!

That was good advertising for us, but it didn’t come about through any awareness of RL. One of Saints Directors at the time ( I think it was Tony Colquitt? ) was also a Director of Gillette. Also they only showed Scully in the N. Of England.
Yep, he was the Saints CEO at the time and former head of marketing of Gillette Europe. He set up the deal between Gillette and the RFL and without him the deal wouldn't have existed.
Its like the deal with BetFred now, its only because Fred is a die hard RL fan, not because the RFL managed to secure a big deal from some big outside company.
Its one of the RFL's biggest failings, their inability to bring on board big blue chip partners & sponsors.
Rumour super league is taking a match to Vegas with the NRL 2025
Burgess came out and said this a few week ago and that Warrington want to be one of the teams to go. Now Beaumont has jumped on the bandwagon and is saying Leigh should go
Featherstone have paid the ultimate price of chasing the Holy Grail
Ie promotion to SL and failed. It clearly shows that if your business model doesn't have substance then this will have ramifications further down the line.
There was as much chance of Huyton being in the top tier, except Huyton would be more useful. Sorry the collapsed years ago!
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