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Life, Politics, Society, Beer

Fair to say there’s a lot of Tellins people in both constituencies who probably historically voted Labour but have now swallowed the Farage snake oil. Whether they just fell for the rhetoric or whether he’s actually showed them their true political home, remains to be seen.
Why are you getting so wound up over the Reform party vote, Labour won convincingly ?
Were you expecting everyone to vote labour or something in the town

Despite Rimmer being completely and utterly useless the fact is you could put a red rosette on a dog turd in this town and people would vote for it (come to think of it Rimmer is about as much use a sloppy dog turd anyway). Maybe the reason less people voted for her is because she's so useless and those people just couldn't bring themselves to vote Tory because of whats happened over the last 14 years.
For me, the fact that so many people voted for use a useless labour candidate says as much about them as it does for anyone who voted Reform.

Because the country is already overcrowded, it's infrastructure creaking. We're concreting over swathes of the countryside to accommodate more and more people.

We keep importing people to inch gross GDP upwards, but [inflation-adjusted] GDP per capita is declining. So immigration is used to mask this - but it's like a Ponzi scheme.

The problem with the whole immigration debate is that far-right scumbags like Farage and his ilk have imbued a racist element to the anti-immigration side, so anyone questioning high levels of immigration are assumed to have some racist agenda. I don't. I'm just looking at practicalities.
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