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  1. newport dave

    Harry Robertson

  2. newport dave

    20 man squad v Wigan

    Team for tonight
  3. newport dave

    Dual Registration Update

    All in tonight's squad that's why.... 😂😂😂
  4. newport dave

    20 man squad v Wigan

    FFS Give it a rest... We get it. You don't think Whitby & Roberts are ready and won't make. Only Robertson is possibly going to make it according to yourself...
  5. newport dave

    Disciplinary 2024

    Mbye's appeal has failed...
  6. newport dave

    Reset time!

    But the necessity has been there for the last 18 months....
  7. newport dave

    Reset time!

    Even if he does play some of the kids, it isn't really going to change anything when he'll have them playing exactly the same has we are now.....
  8. newport dave

    Reset time!

    He's been playing the same boring, dull tactics for 18 months now with no change in the result. What makes you think he'll now suddenly change his mind and get us back to being the Entertainers.
  9. newport dave

    21 man squad v Castleford

    Never had any to start with..
  10. newport dave

    Lee Briers

    Can't be true, we haven't been informed by our resident ITK bod... 😂😂😂😂
  11. newport dave

    Transfer Rumours - All in Here

    I subscribe and still can't read it..
  12. newport dave

    21 man squad v London

    If Saints all of a sudden banned the St Helens Star from reporting on games etc. I think the vast majority of fans would know there's a cover up going on, and there would be fairly vocal protests at the matches about it. There's no chance in hell Saints would get away with banning the Star from...
  13. newport dave

    Harry Robertson

    Now 6 for Robertson.
  14. newport dave

    21 man squad v Castleford

    Those metres are over a full 80 mins which he doesn't normally do. So he'll probably never reach those metres doing his normal amount of minutes..
  15. newport dave

    21 man squad v Castleford

    He can't break the line at centre, he's got no chance at SR.
  16. newport dave

    This website

    Yep, me too.
  17. newport dave

    Lewis Dodd to South Sydney

    He can't even get a game at Cas, why should we have him back.
  18. newport dave

    My God we need Dodd

    It sends the message that you're not immune from being dropped no matter who you are..
  19. newport dave

    State of the pitch

    Our inability to put London to the sword wasn't because of a sh1t pitch.... Sent from my SM-S908B using Tapatalk
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