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  1. jonimac

    21 man squad v Catalans

    We had one in the 1st half.
  2. jonimac

    New Forum

    Thanks for the like button. Very impressed with the look/style,
  3. jonimac

    Non-Saints Games ‘24

    Thanks for that comprehensive reply. It will be interesting to see what the disciplinary say, if anything about the try saving head tackle. Complete and utter farce.
  4. jonimac

    Non-Saints Games ‘24

    So, if two players from the same side clash heads, which does happen. Do they both walk. Wilkinson and Carney and all the others are probably worrying about redundancy. The game was over before half time.
  5. jonimac

    Redvee is 20!

    Congratulations to you. It's without doubt the best fans site around thanks to your effort. I rarely comment now but do still follow. There are many very knowledgeable contributors who debate the issues sensibly and are worth reading with just a very small minority who sometimes aren't. I am a...
  6. jonimac

    Ray French Scoreboard at Moss Lane

    Great man. Coached me at Cowley in 1966 and was my form master. Also brought the four trophies that Saints won that year to Cowley where we reverently filed past them in the Assembly Hall. Could never bring him down when trying to tackle him....too big. Great man who loves his home town.
  7. jonimac


    In the present climate I don't think this forum can sink any lower. I'm out.
  8. jonimac

    21 man squad v Leeds - SEMI FINAL!

    OK, I was wrong. Happened before, will happen again: lol.
  9. jonimac

    21 man squad v Leeds - SEMI FINAL!

    I think a shock is on the cards at Les Catalans.
  10. jonimac

    Man of Steel

  11. jonimac

    Daniel Hill signed - Official

    Welcome and good luck to you.
  12. jonimac

    NRL 2021 season

    Unbelievable Penrith defence. Looking forward to the final.
  13. jonimac

    Wire HKR

    Price dropped Blake Austin and Charlton to give "the kids" a chance. HKR's plan to target George Williams and it worked perfectly. Tony Smith take a bow. Wigan target??
  14. jonimac

    Wigan v Leeds

    Bateman has signed up for another year.
  15. jonimac

    Paasi tackle

    If a magistrate in a court of law knows an offender, they have to 'sit back' and not take part in the proceedings. Same should happen in RFL Disciplinary if a member is similarly disposed.
  16. jonimac

    Alex Walmsley Not Good Enough

    Cliff Watson.
  17. jonimac

    Coote one match ban

    Yep and probably double the ban. As has been said, best left out of the Salford game.
  18. jonimac

    Coote one match ban

    Hopefully an appeal. He's not a dirty player.
  19. jonimac

    21 man squad v Wigan

    Cutting out the rhetoric, Wigan knew they were going to lose and resorted to thuggery. They'll be lucky to turn a team out next week. If it had been Rugby Union who adopted video refereeing from us, two or three would have been red carded without a shadow of doubt.
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