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    Ben Barba

    Always said that would be his best position, though he made a decent go of fullback to be fair. I think his skill set is well-suited to the position, though how resilliant he would be playing in the middle every week would be the question. Got to be better than Lee though.
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    You wouldn't think so would you, but I thought it was interesting that Walmsley made very specific reference to him in his post match commments and they certainly played like they enjoyed it. Early days but it was good to see players playing to their potential and able to express themselves. The...
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    Kieron OUT

    No longer attending and it is a shame where we are currently at. KCs legacy as a player is rapidly evaporating. Being a Head Coach is a tough job and one he was never experienced enough for particularly at a Club like Saints. He has made some terrible decisions in the transfer market, but above...
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    What do you make of that..........

    We weren't robbed, we weren't terrible but we weren't good enough. Gidley was the best player on the pitch by a country mile. Oozes class and composure. We had nobody to take the game by the scruff of the neck. Percival is way ahead of his team mates in the quality stakes - if he goes, we are...
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    Decision for next year

    Haha. "Sexit" - two options- one slogan!! Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
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    Decision for next year

    Well I'm no pensioner yet haha. I agree with what you say in that you view things differently as you get older, but for me despite all Ive seen before this season feels different. I posted very early on that I didnt like where we were going and I still feel the same. Its not just about the...
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    Decision for next year

    Some fair points, and it is true that there are only so many times you can say the same thing. However I and 2 other people are also in the unlikely-to-renew camp and we are passed the "they're my team and I will go regardless" view point. I have watched Saints since the mid 70s and before that...
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    Post match interviews

    That's the point, plus the fact that our present coach has clearly lost it with some quite unbelievable post match comments. He's as good as gone for me - struggle to see a way back for him with the fans. He seems to have lost all sense of perspective - no fans = no club. Sent from my...
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    What will it take for the board to act?

    Too many heads in the sand - time to wake up before we are condemned to another decade of mediocrity. How many times do we have to get stuffed and how many games do we have to go without scoring in a half. We have gone backwards - KC has to go - he's had his chance and just isn't up to it. We...
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    Cunningham response to critics

    Don't know about the dark place but clearly feeling the pressure. This statement, as others have said, is full of contradiction. The world is a different place than when Wayne Bennett was top of the tree. You could ignore the odd shout from the stands, but when people bombard twitter and FB, its...
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    Our Great Club

    Whichever way you look at it, we have gone backwards. The coach is in danger of ruining not only the next generation of fans but also the next generation of players. The fans dont know whats going on, and I seriously wonder whether the players do. The team is playing with low confidence...
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    5 Talking Points - Hull FC

    A good read as always and some valid points. I view the line about it being only Cunningham's second season in a different context. We shouldn't have a coach who is learning on the job no matter how great a player he was. The word "cyclical" is being used a lot at the minute. For me the only...
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    That's entertainment!

    Nice to see 2 half-backs taking the line on. Surely that's got to make us harder to defend against. Attacking wise this was a step up from Walsh - seemed like the player we first signed at times. Defence was poor and I thought bringing so many players back at the same time was going to cost us...
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    Wane, Bateman and Joe Cobb.

    A couple of moments of indiscipline cost Huddersfield not the referee. Poor penalty to give away straight after they've been put on a warning and can't argue with the second one either. Huddersfield played pretty well but the extra man told in the end.
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    Club Stats

    Or at least to score some points. Clear reason as to why we have blanked in so many halves this season. If your main strategy is to keep carting the ball up the middle and you are not making the yards, yet you have no alternative, its going to be tough - not to mention dull. Sent from my...
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    Haha you must have real fixation if you can either remember all of those tackles or have scrutinised them all on the recording. If I were you I'd write into the rugby league media saying player breaks record with 51 ineffective tackles. This is where the Wilkin argument never becomes a proper...
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    Season ticket holders

    Went last night but have missed 2 games on my ST this year and seriously considering not going next week. Eventhough I've paid for it Im not enjoying it. I said right at the start of the season that I didnt like where we were going and other than last week I've seen nothing to change my mind. I...
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    Wilkin, is arguably not big enough in the current game to do damage running the ball and that's an issue for him, and a worthy point of discussion as to his inclusion. However the bloke made 51 tackles last night - more than any other player on the pitch. Cunningham picks him - he plays. I...
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    19 man Squad v Catalans

    Being going very well. Fear we may struggle wider out to match their pace and physicality. We'll need to be better than last week if they are anything like on form. Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
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    Luke Walsh

    Some improvement in Walsh's game. He did have a run a couple of times but generally still too lateral for me and still too short of the line as such his passing is not carrying the threat it used to. Walsh is more than capable of taking the ball to the line which is why I find his current...
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