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    21 man squad v London

    I do enjoy your sense of humour.
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    21 man squad v London

    Why is it that you do not acknowledge the World Club Challenge victory in Australia?
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    Harry Robertson

    These last few days have been a masterclass in the complexities of transitioning players from youth to first team. It's been (continues to be) utterly absorbing. Thank you.
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    Transfer Rumours - All in Here

    Ok, I see more clearly where you're coming from now; thanks for explaining.
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    Transfer Rumours - All in Here

    And doesn't Wellens have his own contacts through Holbrook and Woolf?
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    This website

    Ewe what?
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    21 man squad v Castleford

    Our 2 best performances under Wellens so far were in Australia.
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    Transfer Rumours - All in Here

    I think you're stretching my post beyond its intended meaning. I agree, optimism alone from a coaching team is not nearly adequate. My optimism in this context is solely about interpreting the evidence we have about the club's approach to the multifaceted problems it faces. In that sense I'm...
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    Transfer Rumours - All in Here

    There's no proof, I agree, but plenty of evidence, including this. However, I suspect that you and I read the evidence with different levels of optimism.
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    Transfer Rumours - All in Here

    It's almost as if the coaching team have an idea what they are doing ...
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    My God we need Dodd

    Why do you think a coach should not explain decisions to players? I always explain the rationale for a decision when there are competing options, and I've always assumed that good coaches would do the same.
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    Disciplinary 2023

    Saddened: apologies for the very late reply - work gets in the way quite often. But in the event I have nothing to say on the Byrne tackle because I haven't seen it. In general, though, I think the issue of consistency/inconsistency is over stated; in fact, I think it's a chimera. Most of the...
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    Disciplinary 2023

    But he wasn't let off. He was cited and received the appropriate punishment for his offence. Whether the offence is appropriately graded is another question; whether Tomkins has escaped punishment on other occasions is also another question. But for this offence the panel has followed its...
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    Disciplinary 2023

    £250 fine, not a 'let off' for Tomkins.
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    Offside ruling

    He's still offside. The implication of the ref's call is that Louie should stop (or retreat) to 10m distance.
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    Financial Report St Helens RLFC

    Has there been a planning application? No sign of it on the St Helens planning portal under Totally Wicked Stadium or McManus Way. If they are roof panels, is there a need for a planning application? It's not in a conservation area, nor is it near a listed building or registered park and garden.
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    21 man squad v Wigan

    I recall MS saying, while still playing, something along the lines of: I recognise my physical gifts are not as good as many, so I have to try harder and use my brain more. And he did, for all his weaknesses.
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    Retro round

    There needs to be a serious investigation of the process by which clothes unworn in a wardrobe shrink so unaccountably.
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    England RL

    York stadium holds 8,500, which could be too small.
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    Non-Saints Games

    Have the regional 100 over teams inspired any loyalty?
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