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    Eamonn McManus Speaks...

    Whilst he certainly isn't daft, and whilst he has been an exceptional leader for the club, I'm not sure he comes close to having his finger on the pulse when it comes to the fanbase. Someone who truly has his finger on the pulse of the Saints fans would know... we prefer attacking, creative...
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    Non-Saints Games ‘24

    It never needed to promote it, it just needed to not be negative about it. In the past Hemmings in particular would talk it down, saying stuff like "after the sideshow of the Cup we're back to the important business" when presenting the Fri night game the week after. The introduction of...
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    Non-Saints Games ‘24

    I say this a bit, so apologies for doing it again, but we as RL fans must take some of the blame for the Cup losing importance. You can say the same thing has happened to the FA Cup, but at least that is only one of 4 comps top clubs can win every season and is competing with the almighty PL and...
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    Non-Saints Games ‘24

    I don't think the venue is the key factor, it is the Challenge Cup Final that is protected, not a Final played at Wembley. The original list was compiled over 30 years ago when the CC Final was a marquee event, Grandstand came live from Wembley and it felt like a national event to some degree...
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    Stop making excuses

    To be fair mate, it's been the bedrock because it's been the thing we tried to do really well, so its kind of a default bedrock as we made no attempt for anything else to be. Had we been better in attack, maybe we wouldn't have needed the defence to be so outstanding on the big day. Our...
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    Stop making excuses

    It's the inherent weakness of a play-off structure if you believe you're good enough to be 80 minutes away from the title deciding game regardless. You can plough on and gamble the house on one game in 4 months time to justify the monotony, and if you lose, well, we were only one game away from...
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    Stop making excuses

    You've given me a good chuckle there Dave
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    Paul Wellens...

    As a few have alluded to, style of play is again the issue. In the grand scheme of things getting a chasing at Hull KR isn't the biggest disaster in the world, over a long season you can get a few defeats like this. But Wello's comments and the general inability to see why fans are unhappy is...
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    Paul Wellens...

    To some extent certain players are now completely ingrained in a way of playing if their time as a pro has had consistent methods and tactics drilled into them, so it's easier said than done to just ask them to throw the ball around and go away from what they think is the 'done thing', but that...
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    Paul Wellens...

    I think we all said alot on this on the other Wello thread after the Wire game, and most of it remains the case. For me, the most depressing opinion is the one that says that we are poor with the ball but all is fine because we are top of the league. If we're top of the league it means we have a...
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    RL Podcasts

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    New Forum

    It was running very slow for me over the weekend, wouldn't even load on my phone, but I assumed it was teething issues so left it alone for a bit. Last couple of days it's been bob on, nice and quick, I like the look of it.
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    Wello’s contract

    Problem with this is that the big debates always stem from a big loss, so if (for example) Wellens, Rush et al were reading this it would be all too easy to dismiss it as sour grapes. I said earlier that I found the Wigan game fairly dull from an attacking sense, but saying that after a Good...
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    Wello’s contract

    I self-censored after the Wigan game as everyone was cock-a-hoop with the win. But me and an old mate who've been fans a long time stood at the back of the North stand and continually bemoaned the lack of creativity in the attack, and even after the win I was thinking it was a fairly dull...
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    Wello’s contract

    I think there's some merit in that viewpoint, completely. Hence me saying we need a complete overhaul of ambition in terms of how we play the game, from top down.
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    Wello’s contract

    Pains me to think that two St Helens lads who know the culture and history of the club have both turned out to be route-one grind merchants who seem to care little for entertaining rugby. Dave is right, Wellens didn't start the grind, Woolf had already implemented it, but with it came trophies...
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    Luke Thompson

    Yep, I think giving him grief merely adds to his sense of self-importance, we should ignore him when he rocks up with Wigan. He was an irrelevance to me, another lad in a Wigan shirt. He was decent, our lads were better.
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    Big Month ahead

    It’s why I tend to steer clear of such threads. As much as I lament the style of play at times, I never fall into the trap of thinking we aren’t going to win more games than we lose, or that we’re suddenly going to forget how to get over the line more often than not in bigger games. Even if we...
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    21 man squad v Wigan

    The Walmsley carry broke the game open for me, and it led to our first try. It was the first time we got a bit of broken field and had them chasing defensively, it was a big moment in the game and you sensed the crowd knew it was our chance. It was a great afternoon and a really intense game...
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    Challenge Cup & IMG

    Not sure you can turn the clock back and make anyone really believe a play off system isn't the important thing now. You'd either still have people thinking the play offs decided the league or the play offs would be treated as a joke. Nobody under the age of 35 really remembers the Premiership...
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