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  1. The Meister

    Transfer Rumours - All in Here

    Latest odds for next Huddersfield coach; Luke Robinson 2-1 JackMooves 4-1 Justin Holbrook 10-1 Sean Long 12-1 Brian McDermott 16-1
  2. The Meister

    21 man squad v Hull KR

    It’s usually the beginning if the end for the coach when making strange decisions like the substitutions and re-arranging of positions like Wello did yesterday. Most fans aren’t master tacticians - but it’s clear to see some of the baffling in-game positional changes are not working.
  3. The Meister

    Disciplinary 2024

    Absolute classics
  4. The Meister

    Disciplinary 2024

    Percy will probably get a 2 game ban for dangerous contact with Byrne’s shoulder.
  5. The Meister

    E-cig incident

    Bang out of order! Surely someone knows who this person is - report that person to the club & get them a life ban!
  6. The Meister

    21 man squad v Leeds (Cup)

    Every silver lining has a cloud....
  7. The Meister

    Non-Saints Games ‘24

    With all of the league games now having a video ref - I wonder whether it would be a good decision to have a member of the MRP present with the video ref to rule on live decisions?
  8. The Meister

    Transfer Rumours - All in Here

    Is this a “Transfer Rumour” or just an opinion on a player’s previous playing history?
  9. The Meister

    England v Tonga

    Flippin eck Dave - give Saints credit where it’s due. Penrith came into that game knowing there was a trophy to win - one of only 2 available in the NRL. They had a full house and we beat them in their own stadium. They were not treating the game like an unimportant pre season friendly or...
  10. The Meister

    21 man squad v Catalans

    The performance of the referee is key tonight - hopefully Kendall won’t fall for the grubby spoiler antics of Rat Boy & Micky Mac.
  11. The Meister

    Transfer Rumours - All in Here

    Did Saints offer a deal to sign Thommo back then?
  12. The Meister

    Non-Saints Games

    Agreed. Liam Moore could have also ruled “try” instead of “no try” before referring it to the video ref. I wonder why he didn’t?
  13. The Meister

    Josh Jones

    Think it’s a brave decision from Jones to retire - obviously on medical advice following his long term concussion problems. I agree that he probably would have developed into the player he became at Salford - if he had stayed with Saints. Jones, like James Roby, sees rugby as a job and doesn’t...
  14. The Meister

    Team of thick idiots.

    Think he’s a really irritating grub mate tbh. I agree he’s got better with age as a pundit.
  15. The Meister

    Team of thick idiots.

    Can we add Ratboy as an alternative to Connor at full back?
  16. The Meister

    Non-Saints Games

    Are you referring to his try assist or his Cumberland throw on Cameron Smith?
  17. The Meister

    Saints Scholarship > Acadamy

    It was interesting to see the recent group of star graduates from Saints Scholarship being promoted into the Academy - well done lads! Apart from Thomas Humphrys from Newton Storm, the rest of these players came from RL Service Areas outside the St Helens borough. I’m not criticising our youth...
  18. The Meister

    Non-Saints Games

    Thought the sh*thousery tactics again from Tomkins and McIlorum went unnoticed by the officials. Tomkins was contesting every decision by the ref and interfering with every defence tackler. It will be interesting to see whether the MRP review his raised knee which injured O’Neil. McIlorum’s...
  19. The Meister

    Transfer Rumours - All in Here

    Spoke with Mystic Meg tonight - she said Saints & Warrington may have a rivalry which goes back a long time. She also said that Saints may make some new signings & other players may leave in the future. She also said that saints may promote players from their academy soon. I wonder if she can...
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