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    Salford away - parking?

    No charge at Barton for the Wigan game a few weeks back, plus the bar was reasonably priced.
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    Non-Saints Games ‘24

    Just to put the Wigan performance onto perspective. On the last ten years only one team has won the week after winning the Challenge Cup Final, and that's Wigan twice. It's not easy.
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    Non-Saints Games ‘24

    That's an excellent post and one I agree with in it's entirety. I like the timing now it gives a good break between the two major competitions. The cost however is getting more disproportionate. As a Wigan fan, we've had to buy our season tickets and only played three non pay games so far. All...
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    Harry Robertson

    I don't need to. Anybody who knows anything about rugby league knew that he would go well in Aus. Havard has been chased by Aussie clubs since he was sixteen. Sadly, I do think he'll go in a few years which brings me to the other thread regarding the salary cap. I've always maintained that there...
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    Rob Burrow RIP

    Watched the programme on BBC tonight, all of us in tears. My mrs favourite player, met him on a few a few occasions, a true gentleman,a great player, a legend.
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    Harry Robertson

    Smith is going to Aus when his contract expires.
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    Harry Robertson

    Robertson is a very promising young player. I've seen him play at #1 and #6. I think he also played at centre in the reserves final last year. There's some very talented players coming through the academy at various clubs, Taylor-Wray and Lindop at Warrington along with Jack Farrimond at Wigan...
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    Non-Saints Games ‘24

    I wasn't criticising Vella. I pointed out how it took Wigan two games to adjust to his style of refereeing, although those two games were away. I did mention his twenty-two penalties on Friday in the Hudds v Leigh game. Vella has been demoted to the Championship this weekend.
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    Non-Saints Games ‘24

    As I said perception and reality are very often quite different. Some referees are keener on certain things than others. For instance we had Vella earlier in the season and he was very keen on the markers not being square at the ptb and really caned us for it in the first two games. In the...
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    Non-Saints Games ‘24

    Perception and fact are often quite different. The penalty count yesterday was 6 - 3 in Salfords favour, just the same as Saints v Leeds. Another interesting fact was that in all six games over the weekend the home side received more penalties.
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    The St. Helens Mount Rushmore

    The sculptor Jim Sullivan - really made Saints into the team they became in the 1950's one of the greatest RL coaches ever. Alex Murphy one on the greatest players I've ever seen. Johnny Walsh, absolute class, my favourite Saints player. Les Jones, not the best player I've ever seen at Saints...
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    Transfer Rumours - All in Here

    Hatred is never a good thing!!
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    Disciplinary 2024

    No, you've got your own Chris Kendall with Ben Thaler as video ref.
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    21 man squad v Leeds (Cup)

    Sky channel 970.
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    Big Month ahead

    No, no and no.
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    Another moral victory?

    There's everything wrong with "blind hate" and that comment says a lot about you!!
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    The RFL do it again

    What an absolute croc of horse manure. Catalan have been (are) one of the successes of our game. I know Lenagan was a big supporter of both Catalan and London. I hope Danson and Radlinski are as well.
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    NRL in talks to buy Super League

    It's a big no from me too. I find driving in the dark more and more difficult now particularly in the rain. Modern l.e.d. super bright headlights really make it uncomfortable for me, and before I retired I would drive 30 - 40K miles per year.
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    Wigan buying the WCC

    Exactly, and if were Saints most Wigan fans would be wanting a Penrith win. I have many Saints supporting friends and family and they will not be wanting a Wigan victory. It won't stop me having a beer with them next time we meet up.
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    Luke Thompson

    Thanks for that, I'll have a chat with my son in law who coaches at O.S.J. for his views. He was really frustrated at the length of time time it was taking to get it sorted.
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