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Thread: How's yer weekend been?

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    Default How's yer weekend been?

    Pretty good so far I have say.

    Work was done and dusted for 12 yesterday, went for a quick run round Sherdley.
    Was in the Bull & Dog for 2 and in Manchester for half 3.
    Met up with work colleagues for our monthly team "meeting"
    Worked our way steadily down Deansgate from Albert Schloss to the Corn Exchange, I always like Manchester on a Friday afternoon.
    Last stop was Mowgli street food, had the house lamb curry 9.5/10, seriously good and well recommended.
    Whatsapp waiting for the train home - lads football called off, that's a bonus.
    Couple more in the D&B then home, kids were in bed and the missus was watching some crap film so got on the nest myself.

    Decent lie in this morning, and brought a brew in bed.
    Nice relaxing morning, bacon banjo's and then helped my daughter with a school project.
    Watched the ladies game with her.
    Placed a couple of bets, 1 came in.
    Watched the mens game with my lad and footie on the Ipad, first 3 points of the season.
    Mrs and kids are staying at her sisters tonight for some bonfire party, managed to dodge that bullet so house and TV to myself.
    Footie on the box for now and Chinese on it's way.
    May have a couple of spiced rums later on.
    Definitely go to the gym tomorrow morning
    And then quite possibly out for a roast somewhere when they get home.

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    Ive had lower back ache and crippling testicle pain in recent days. So not so good actually.

    Also, can constipation cause any other physical aggravations? Asking for a friend.
    screaming in the family corner, scaring the kiddies

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