Firstly sorry about the clickbait in the title, but I could not fit in the title of the thread what it was really about. In reality it is just a promo for the Out Of Your League Podcast with Salford Red Devils' Ryan Brierley.

I have watched this YouTube video this morning and I think it was actually quite a deep insight into a player's thoughts and how players are treated by clubs. I would really recommend it.

I do not wish to go into too much detail as it would just be better to watch it, but there is a big discussion in here about how Brierley built SL up to be something that he found that it was not and I, without having any ideas about if this is correct or not, could not help but draw comparisons with Ritson.

Brierley said that he had spent 5 years in the championship scoring trys for fun but when he got the chance to go to Huddersfield he had built up the idea of SL so much that when he got there it just was not what he thought. He said that he scored a hat trick for Huddersfield on a sky game away at Wigan and after he got interviewed, he had a shower walked to his car and nobody said anything to him. He felt underappreciated in the sense that he had just done something that he found remarkable yet nobody was bothered about it. He scored a try the week after and then Paul Anderson dropped him because although he had scored 4 trys in 2 games, his running stats and GPS were low compared with others.

He makes quite an articulate comparison of players like him who establish themselves in the championship compared with academy lads who come through at places like Wigan and Saints. He says that for him he felt that he had too much time to build up his end goal and what that would look like to him and because of this whatever his experience was it was never going to live up to what he dreamed it to be like. Whereas academy lads who play SL straight away do not have the problem of time to do that and build up what it could be like and are already playing in that environment. I think the point he made was that it is much harder for lads who come up to SL from semi-pro standards than it is for lads who are already in that type of environment.

I could be completely wide of the mark, but I could not help but draw comparisons to Tee Ritson and how he may be feeling right now. I am just using Brierley's experience and thinking that Ritson could be thinking about it too. Ritson like Brierley spent a long time in the championship scoring trys for fun and standing out in teams and possibly had an idea of what SL is like and the reality is that it may not be what he felt and it is a lot harder than he thought it would be.

People may not be interested in that side of the game like I am but I found it compelling as it is something that I have never really heard anyone else speak about. It was a bit of a shock to hear what he was saying tbh. It makes what the likes of Walmsley and Hill did in moving up even more of an achievement in my eyes.