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Castleford and Wakey are ran under the same council, so hardly a one team city - it's population is smaller than St Helens (the City is anyway)

You're right though, the small time thinking of clubs around West Yorkshire holds the game back.. they seem to believe that being a team with good facilities making a profit and being a 'traditional heartland' are mutually exclusive..

I've read today that some of the clubs are complaining that LED floodlights shouldn't be the criteria, again having no understanding of the modern sporting world

Just a couple of small points:

St Helens is closer to Wigan, Widnes and Warrington than Wakefield is to Castleford.

Wakefield as a city (109k) is bigger than St Helens (102k). The Wakefield Metropolitan Borough (353k) is almost twice the size of St Helens Metropolitan Borough (183k).

(figures courtesy of Wiki )