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Thread: Roadworks

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    Default Roadworks

    Why do roadworks take so bloody long? Is this a Sintellins thing or is it like that everywhere?

    After taking about 6 months to seemingly just replace the kerbs and resurface the Sherdley Road/Peasley Cross Lane junction (seriously, has anything material actually changed?), creating huge queues and delays in all directions, they're now setting about destroying the Bull & Dog roundabout. It's apparently to make the roundabout more cyclist-friendly. It's chaos at peak times, especially in the morning.

    The timeframe according to the signs there? 6 months.

    I suspect the same team of a one-armed pensioner and teenage apprentice they used on the Peasley Cross junction are doing the work. With hand tools.

    Meanwhile, queues on Clock Face Road, Chester Lane, Mill Lane will continue to be appalling.
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    Don't know Eddie don't watch Newsnight.

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    Cycle friendly, that’s a laugh. I’m not a cyclist but this country doesn’t have the infrastructure to support cyclists and some weird bollards and a reconfigured roundabout isn’t going to change that

    When all the train lines were closed years ago they should have tarmaced some of them for the sole use of walkers and cyclists and built around those to enable safe routes for cyclists. They are just dead spaces now, criss crossing the country

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