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Thread: Saints Support V Population.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedVee Admin View Post
    Which would dilute the percentage and serve no real purpose. Plus, if you do that with Saints you have to do it with all and Castleford doesn't have a borough.

    Yes, it starts and ends with the what the 2011 Census says.

    I'm really getting the feeling that you're from Rainford - Haydock - Newton - Similar and objecting at not being included in what is a meaningless and unprovable willy measuring exercise.
    Not at all - it would be interesting data to see in its entirety

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Harp View Post
    I don't think it's arrogant at all but for me it shows how the game is changing. I remember the likes of Leeds, Bradford, Hull and Castleford bringing thousands to KR and vice versa, it seemed to drop off once we moved grounds for some reason. I think there's a mixture of reasons for this: The game isn't what it was, everything is expensive, Covid hasn't helped, there's simply more options for leisure activities now and there's probably more to put in the mix than that.

    We probably take the biggest numbers away but I've noticed that that's dropped off somewhat. I pick and choose myself now, I certainly couldn't be bothered rushing home on a Friday to some decrepit hole in Yorkshire, especially if it's on TV and I can relax with a couple of pints or my feet up at home.
    That's pretty much how I feel regarding matches now. Used to do everything I could to make an away game on a Thursday or a Friday night but now I'll pick and choose

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