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Thread: Super League and Covid

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    All that's true, but it predates the temporary suspension of scrums so bringing them back won't make too much difference (save, occasionally, in respect of 'packed defences'). Step in the right direction, though.

    How about the '6 again' rule? Has there been any final decision on that yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by The frenchman View Post
    I've had both jabs since then my resting heart rate has gone from 53 to 74. I had spells of dizzyness, blurred vision and anxiety I've never had that before. I've witnessed 3 people have panic attacks and vertigo at work, I've never witnessed that before. I'm not anti vax the results speak for themselves but I've decided not to take up the booster, 6 months later I'm starting to feel myself again and my heart rate is down to low 60's now.

    I rang my doctor about the booster, he basically dismissed what I was saying and didn't want to know. This stuff could be a coincidence but I'm not taking the risk. Why am I posting this? Some people on here seem more clued up than pub chat so wondering what their thoughts are on it?
    Hope you're okay mate. Like you I have had the initial two jabs but have not had a "booster". I don't enter in to the arguments anymore! Suffice to say I hope you're recovered.

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