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I’d hate Sky to get Wilkin, he’s articulate and smart but he doesn’t half talk some rubbish and attempts Alan Partridge humour every few seconds.

Sky absolutely need a clear out from top to bottom. The only one I’d be tempted to keep is Jenna Brooks but only because we see so little of her that I’ve not seen enough to gauge an opinion on whether she’s good or not.

We desperately need a recently retired half on there regularly. The fanfare, not just from us, when Long did the analysis last year was telling. It’s what people want to see and listen to, rather than the guff Jon Wells serves up. I’d be tempted to get Kevin Brown on regularly, maybe alternating him with someone else to keep it fresh and interesting. I’d used to quite like it 15 or so years ago when current coaches would be guests for the night, too.

We desperately need a commentator. Arthur is abysmal and it just isn’t the role for him. At least with Eddie Hemmings, he was a commentator/presenter so it was always professional and come across well. Arthur and Carney are just fools and make things look amateur.
A rota of ex-players would keep it fresher than the same old same every week. A good, regular commentator is required. The failure to properly identify players is embarrassing. Commentators don’t just recognise players like fans do. They have to work hard, learning names and numbers for each game and something is going wrong on Sky.