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Thread: Powell to leave Castleford

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rogues Gallery View Post
    Yes, isn't Woolf out of contract at Saints?
    The biggest worry for you at present Brian is the stadium contract. The talk is it will be used for Friday Prayers on a massive scale. You could be kicking off at 10PM and miss your last bus home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RJM25R View Post
    Note I said “Do a job” not “take the fullback role from one of the best full backs in the competition at the moment in AJ Brimson“

    Quote Originally Posted by Ralph Fridge View Post
    If you think Coote isn't capable of playing in the NRL for a season or two then you need to have a word with yourself. Be little more than a doddle. He's quite good you know
    It's a question of who would be interested in taking him. I can't think of a team who would be in the market for him as a full back, half or utilty.

    Coote has certainly done very well for Saints and my point was that his best chance of being offered a contract for 2022 would be in SL rather than the NRL, I think.



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