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A very honest and fair post that has merit.

The game is going through what soccer went through around 2004 in my opinion: over focus on structure, prioritisation of risk over imagination and conservative, identikit playbooks.

For example can anyone really get excited over an exit set. Is a winger just taking it in from the first two tackles and maybe a centre banging up the 3rd tackle going to convince anyone this is ‘the greatest game?’

Its dogshit in my opinion and thats ignoring platform layers, the wedge and drop offs and many other moves that are as predictable as they are boring.

We’ve a tendency to see the game through rose tinted specs at times at the same time as hammering other sports. A bad mix.
Apart from a couple of moments of brilliance from Regan. this driving it in first 2-3 tacles is probably the most negative development I have seen in the game.