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I thought exactly the same. While our players may be a step down from those on show today our whole game is miles behind as a spectacle. You wouldn't think it's the same game on occasions. Pace, speed of thought, dynamic, forwards laying a platform then magic from the backs. No faffing about but a significant difference is the refereeing. We seem to stunt the play and focus on the wrong things. For example today 2 players competing for a high ball was allowed to go even when ball catcher rolled as there was no intent simply 2 blokes competing fairly for the ball. Also lying on and the wrestle was minimal. What on earth are we trying to achieve here is beyond me when I see what could be on display or at least something close.

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I’d have to watch again to be sure but I saw 3 six again calls in the 1st half and 1 goal line drop out. Every single one of these then led to a try. Is it the case simply that in the NRL teams are so much more clinical that you can’t afford to mess around at the play of the ball to give teams more tackles and field position? I’d love to see stats based around percentage of points scored or scoring opportunities created off six agains or repeat sets and compare Super League and the NRL.