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Thread: Ball grabbing

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    Quote Originally Posted by RV12 View Post
    We do have a rule like that for drop outs etc already, I've just never seen it enforced!

    I wasn’t even aware of that!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Belgian Saint View Post
    I think all of the recent cases have come from the player complaining, rather than the cameras. The fact that there is a camera may make the players more likely to complain.
    That's right Belgian. I meant that previously it wasn't worthwhile complaining as there would be little, if any, video evidence.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saddened! View Post
    It's a bit odd. I think Sky are sly with it. Some clubs they'll do 11 replays from 9 angles and talk about it all day. Others they will do one angle once and barely mention it, like tonight.

    It still really winds me up that people like Carney and Wells with clear bias in their opinions are allowed to highlight incidents. Another thing they need to change is the constant replays when a player is down with an injury. If the ref doesn't give it, they shouldn't be re-refereeing the play up to it on video. They wouldn't do that for all the other plays
    One of those "multi re-plays" I remember was at Castleford in 2015. We were leading 24-22. We dropped out from our own line, LMS raced up and nudged the Castleford player out of the way as he went for the ball. He got possession. Both players went down and Sky showed the replay over and over again. The Cas fans started baying at the officials. The result was a penalty to Castleford. They kicked the goal to level the scores than dropped a goal to win the game.
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