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Thread: Sky Commentary/Presentation

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tabasco View Post
    I can only feel sorry for you and your sensitivity if you genuinely believe all of this.

    From my viewpoint, albeit as someone not from this region and brought up with rugby union, I have never noticed any particularly bigoted stances from any of the Sky team although I acknowledge that each individual will have some leanings because of their history. However, in view of the constant slagging of the Sky output by some people on here, I asked my wife to watch the Grand Final broadcast as she did not see it live and to point out any perceived Wigan bias. Although she is from St Helens and has supported/watched the team since the late fifties, thus despising the pie-eaters, could not find any instances of bias in their favour. She did however comment that the commentary was poor and that the supposed analysts were superficial compared to their equivalents in, for example, cricket or American Football.

    As an aside, I find it interesting that there have been several comments over time on Cherry & White claiming that Carney hates Wigan while I have also seen criticism over the slant that Wilkin often gives. Perhaps rugby league has more than its fair share of sensitive souls.
    I agree with cyprus-cue bite.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eddiewaringsflatcap View Post
    Ive always thought Carney an able presenter whod excel with a different team around him and an overhaul of the presentation style. Hell give an opinion and at the same time invite the views of others in a way that doesnt resort to puerile hyperbole. If the sport gave SKY the boot which most modern and sane minded followers think it should, Id like to see Carney continue his involvement with the sport in his broadcasting capacity.
    I have criticised Carney several times, and I think that some of his newspaper columns come across as arrogant. He never gives his opinion as an opinion, always as fact. But, it Sky did overhaul their presentation team he is the only one I would keep. The only problem I have with him as a presenter is the way he can persist with a single foul, which may not have been that bad anyway. However when it comes to putting two sentences together or carrying out an interview, he is way better than the rest.

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