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Thread: Greatest Coach - Poll

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    Quote Originally Posted by eddiewaringsflatcap View Post
    It’s always a source of curiosity to see how the obsessively bigoted someone can be.
    Especially when they open with ‘facts.’ Is RG Benitez in disguise.

    For example by many of the same criteria surely Ian Millward is a shout: you know was unknown, inherited a dishevelled squad in crisis, won multiple Leagues and Challenge Cups... oh and he won WCC. And, just like Monie stunk in the NRL. In fairness I did think Murphy because under him Saints won the Carlisle 7s which was massive and eclipsed everything he achieved at Leigh.

    See I can be a bigot too! RG is a shit bigot who I used to own periodically until it was tiresome. Hopefully he has worked out the going rate for recarpeting post recession. I’m sure it can be offset by a hike in wedding hire at the DW, especially when your rivals are playing the same day.

    RG is what the late, great Ron Hoofe would have called a “pleb” of the highest order.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cyprus View Post
    get stuffed.

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