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Thread: Try this if you are now self isolating.

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    Default Try this if you are now self isolating.

    For all those people, now faced with the prospect of self isolating for weeks, if not months, and wondering how to pass the time , may I suggest something to do that can be very interesting, enjoyable and cheap.
    I am the author of six novels, all based loosely on my own life, growing up in Eccleston, going to Knowsley Road school and Prescot Grammar, working at BICC at Prescot before moving to London in 1965 and later working for over 25 years as an electrical draughtsman in West Yorkshire. And during all that time I remained a Saints fan!
    Well aware of the old saying about work that "They could write a book about this place. It would be a best seller" in 1988 I started writing a novel based loosely on my own life and have since written another five.
    Many people that I talk to tell me that they also could write a book based on their life, but then hasten to add that they wouldn't even know how to start it.
    Well, I have also written a guideline that introduces any intending author to what I call "Geoff's Platform". Contact me and I'll send you a copy . My E Mail address is on my web site www.geofflee.net.
    At the same time can I suggest that if you just want to read a local novel in which the main two characters are Saints fans then my latest novel might well entertain you. "Three Good Years" is set between 2006 and 2008 with a background of Work, Family Life, Saving the NHS and Rugby League.
    It is available from my publisher London League Publications. Visit them at www.llpshop.co.uk.
    Click on Books and then Fiction. Under Books you will also find details of the biographies of four former Saints players and also "All Local Lads",the history of St Helens Recs and "On This Day"
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