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Thread: Luke Thompson

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    I’ll give the fella some slack and say that he inherited an almost impossible job if he has any ambition. He’s taken over a team so much better than the rest over the last two years that he only has two options. Either just tell them to carry on what they were doing, or change it completely.

    Option A means we probably finish top and give everyone a sound beating most weeks, but he‘ll know that NRL clubs will look at that as him just winning with another fellas team and taking the easy option. He’ll be eyeing a plum NRL job in 2-3 years and will want to show them that he did his own thing and changed a winning team into his own image.

    So he’s opting for Option B, which means we aren’t as good to watch and we are all scratching our heads wondering why he’s ripped up a winning formula.

    He is basically treating us as a stepping stone and will not care too much about our culture or history if he feels he can win trophies with his methods and attract an NRL job in the process. This is what happens when you continually appoint Aussie coaches. We change every 2 years and have no real stability in terms of style of play or culture.

    The club in this league that look the same year after year and bring players in to fit their style are Castleford. There is a reason for that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angry Dave View Post
    I hate to say it but you're right. We're not stupid but we're not particularly tolerant either and if he turns a Champion team into a bunch of robots then he'll soon be gone. I just hope he's used this time wisely and figured out we don't play that way. I'm not holding my breath on that though.
    I suspect he wont have, there was absolutely no indication that he was preparing to change anything, at best if it all restarts hell just start again with likely a (relatively) fit squad. Ive already lost confidence in him & now its a long way back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Legman View Post
    I suspect he won’t have, there was absolutely no indication that he was preparing to change anything, at best if it all restarts he’ll just start again with likely a (relatively) fit squad. I’ve already lost confidence in him & now it’s a long way back.

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    Although it looks as though he tried to fix things which effected things that didn't need changing he had a short term excuse of Coote, Roby and Percival for the season so far, once we return and we find the same playing style scenario then something tells me he isn't a good fit for Saints. I hope he proves us wrong and he's got a great opportunity to go back 6 games and re start again.

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    I didn’t think they looked overly interested against either Huddersfield or Castleford to be fair, Woolf’s first point is call is perhaps to figure out why that was. First-half against Huddersfield we threw a lot of passes but it was all lateral and slow, no-one was really fixing any defenders or running at any pace. Everything was at jogging pace for a good hour. The Castleford game was just a hammering physically, they just wanted it more. Luckily for us they kicked dead a few times and made a few mistakes themselves which stopped it being a 40 point job. I thought it was a worrying performance.

    I think the league is a bit stronger this year as well, or perhaps teams’ first choice 17’s are. It was mentioned on here after the Challenge Cup Final defeat that we’d been caught out a bit by the standard of the league, particularly some of the non TV games at home where we’d played poorly, the games were a bit crap but we still won quite easily. Going from that to a CC Final was a big step up but I think those poorer performances might be punished a bit more this year.

    He’s definitely got some work to do. At this stage though none of it matters, I’ll just be made up to have rugby back.
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