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Thread: Future finals referees

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sean Day View Post
    The seemingly differential treatment between Child and Hicks is absolutely scandalous actually. As you say I think Child did everything right. It would appear Hicks is undroppable based on his performance last week including an absolutely horrendous mistake and his appointment this week in quite an important game.
    We just can't expect the RFL to be consistent though unfortunately
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    Quote Originally Posted by Suttoner View Post
    Forgive me for the Upside questioning approach, but you’ve clearly played Rugby Union to a high standard. Do you drop players to punish them after a poor performance or only because someone else can do the job, in a particular game, better? Couldn’t it destroy Hicks’ confidence if he is dropped after what were, admittedly, bad mistakes? Isn’t it better to let him prove to himself and others that he can referee another big game competently?

    I’m playing devils advocate but I can think of examples from my old workplace where individuals were not told about their mistakes to save them from losing confidence and undermining their decision making.

    It is, however, difficult, applying the same logic, to understand why Childs has been treated as he has. From my perspective a number of players needed to be punished not for mistakes but for ill discipline and the disciplinary let that go because the Challenge Cup was looming.
    I think the difference is that when I played, there was always someone breathing down your neck for your place, unfortunately with referees we don't have that luxury. I take your point about maybe harming his confidence, but I think the major harm would be to his ego. But you can't just sanction the type of errors that were mad on Saturday. I don't get to see any championship rugby, so know nothing about those referees, but how do those guys get a chance if the current crop in SL are permanent fixtures regardless of performance. Although I have never been a Childs fan, I think the way he was treated was a worse decision than just letting Hicks carry on.

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