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Thread: Every game matters...?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ralph Fridge View Post
    CC idea is interesting. Think that comp is rapidly in need of help
    The Challenge Cup is the only Rugby League competition that is truly long lived. If Sky ever drop Rugby League or if another broadcaster gets the rights, the Grand Final will disappear to be replaced by whatever format is then seen as the best way forward.

    I think that if the Challenge Cup ever goes that will mark the demise of Rugby League. Its vital that it be valued and preserved and Upsides suggestion may be worthy of consideration.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Div View Post
    Your preaching to the converted with me pal , I'd go back to first past the post tomorrow.
    I just can't see it happening personally Unless the Australians do it in which case we would follow obviously!
    Sorry Div. You're right
    Dave Woods: the guy who makes Eddie Hemmings look like a decent commentator

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