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But we also lost five grand finals back then. Admittedly only three of the mentioned leaders played in those matches and the others were replaced by the likes of Graham, Price and Roby. However i get your point in that probably more than anything we lack someone like Joynt who would get them together and give a good rollocking. Similar Farrell at Wigan and Peacock at Leeds.
Those five Grand Finals largely came after the spine of that team had broken up and many of its leaders had left.

Generally, though, the point is there. They had big game know how and, yes, big game bottle. The winning culture in those big matches brought about a belief that we could do anything, and instilled doubt in the opposition.

Now the exact opposite is true. Our players seemingly struggle badly with the mental side of things, come the big match, and the opposition can sniff out our caginess and nervousness and go for the jugular.