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Thread: Goal kicking.

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    I think people are over reading Richardson not playing. How much of a pre-season did he get? Was he not injured in the off season and needs time to get back up to full fitness.

    The talk of arrogance is backed up by what evidence? Sure he is confident on the pitch, but you want that in a half. As far as I am aware he was not walking around town demanding the best tables at a restaurant or kicking granny's, dogs or small children. But maybe I'm wrong.

    I agree he had elements to work on in his game but for a rookie year last year was pretty good and almost resulted in an international call up. How many players can claim that in their first full year.

    Lomax has been a halfback for years and does not have a long kicking game. Fages also has more experience but has elements to work on. We don't have 2 complete halves who have long and short kicking games and long and short passing games as well as a running game.

    Let's give Richardson another few years before we write his Saints obituary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Belgian Saint View Post
    No wonder they beat us with 4 in the front row.
    Asked for that

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    I heard Richardson was in town demanding 3 pies for a pound, in the 2 pies for a pound shop.

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