Hi Folks, if you're interested in motorcycle clubs, the human condition , or just life in general, you may enjoy my new novel which is now out via Amazon and all good bookstores! It's called S.O.S. and my nom de plume is Robert C. Holmes. It took two years to get together and it was pretty tough to write in places, as it's based upon my own experiences. Nevertheless, the grim reality of the story is juxtaposed with humour throughout. Here's the blurb:

When life throws down the gauntlet, S.O.S. Motorcycle Club President Vince "Prez" Sinclair is there to take up the challenge. Ride with Prez as he grapples with the complexities of personal relationships and dramas that threaten to engulf him and his family. Based upon actual events, this is raw, unflinching and gritty, yet ultimately uplifting, everyday life and inner world of the S.O.S. Motorcycle Club. It will challenge your expectations and perceptions. Saddle up and prepare for the emotional ride of your life...…………………………….

Hope you find it a good read, it will come in handy when the coming fixtures are postponed due to the weather!