Discussion & help on depression & mental health related issues

This is for any man who needs to chat; whether they have a simple issue, stress or a mental illness. This forum will remain completely non judgmental.

One of the most dangerous things facing young people, and young men in particular, is mental health problems, usually depression and/or anxiety.

In many, though obviously not all cases, this can lead to suicide, the majority of which could have been prevented by simply talking and seeking help.

Please use this thread to do just that - talk, open up. Do it anonymously, or do it from your current account - no one here will judge, I guarantee that you will find helping hands, many of whom have been through it and come out of the other side. We can also provide the appropriate signposting to further and suitable help for you.

Use it for help, or to help others, or for both.

We can't promise that we can fix your problems, but we can promise that the members posting here will try to help you feel better




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