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It’s a tough time with added stress no wonder your having a bit of a bumpy time . As hard and horrid as it is , under the circumstances your experiencing its normal to feel the way you do . Try to accept the feeling for what it is , but it’s not you ! It’s just a feeling , It will pass . Cutting down booze and exercise are real positives . Your doing well pal .
Cheers mate, it's funny someone posted in this thread because I had a crap day yesterday but it's been the first one in some time and I got a grip on things quite quickly which strangely made me feel quite good. I went out for a walk with my brother and his dogs, and put the world to rights as he's having a bit of grief too at the moment, it's magic what a bit of fresh air can do. Fingers crossed we're finally getting a grip on this Covid bollocks and we can get back to the ground, go for a normal pint and stop walking around looking like ninja's.