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Thread: How many? Somone must know

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    This whole issue of publicising actual figures is another bugbear with me. We come out with vague inconclusive comments like "sales are ahead of like for like sales compared to this time last year" when simple figures of tickets sold would be far more useful. Can Saints Media Manager help here ?

    Scanning other official websites, Bulls are at 10.3k, Goons 10k, Hull 8k, but that is about all I can find - can anyone else add to the list ?? (apart from Quins, one man and his dog ?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rogues Gallery View Post
    Wigan have just announced that they have sold over 10,000 season tickets.
    Thanks for informing us, but nobody actually asked or cares.
    Quote Originally Posted by Despondent Dave
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    I don't think anyone but the club know the actual figure. However comparing against other teams in SL this season can't be done. Having to travel to another town will deeply effect the number of tickets sold. The guise of buy your tickets for the new stadium and effectively get the year at Widnes free didn't up season ticket sales. Possibly with a combination to having to travel to Widnes and being advised of something that was clearly not true.

    I know a fair few people who haven't renewed this season due to work commitments and getting to matches, they cut it close getting to Kr for home games so widnes is out of the question.

    Anything over 5000 sold would be a thing to celebrate this year.

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